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How does the old saying go? "I'm not young enough to know everything"? I think that's it anyway. I'm old enough now to admit that I don't know everything - although the Leo characteristics in me will want to argue that statement.

As I have continued with the journey called life, I have noticed a lot of things that seem to be a consistent in my development. One is that I have realized that time increases in value as we become aware of limited resources. Part of it is that, as we age, we get to a point that we have less time in front of us than we have behind us but I think we also become so busy with so many things that it becomes more important to appropriate that time according to importance. Family, friends and our passions in life become the priorities. Sure, we all will be guilty of wasting time but it becomes more prominent with age and wisdom.

Heck, I even get mad when I waste 2 hours at a bad movie. In fact, just the other day I was looking at the new movie releases that were playing in the theater and i was thinking about going to see one of them that is in my preferred genre of film and it had been on my list of movies that had piqued my interest. Then I saw the reviews. Not from critics - I never trust critics; it was the fan reviews. Only 20% of people liked the film? Uh oh. Not a good sign. A few years ago, I would have still bought the ticket and given it a chance without hesitation. Now, it's a different story. I have way too much going on to waste the time for something that - at least on the surface - looks like a 80% chance of sucking. So, I clicked off of the page and told myself - well maybe I'll give it a chance for a couple of bucks when it's available for rental in 6 months. Maybe.

The point is that I immediately realized that 'Time' is the center piece of the table of Jason's priority list.


So little of it is available during my week...month...well, year actually. It's a precious resource these days. Between work, finishing the new CD, family, friends, sleep - Frankly, I don't have time to get mad at a movie for an 80% probability of totally screwing up the finale for the X-Men franchise. 😏

That being said, if I am trying to find time for you in my life - it's actually a huge compliment.


It means that you are incredibly important to me. It means that I include you in the list of those things in life that are most precious to me: family, friends and the passions in my life like finishing up the new CD. Finally.

Well...If I can just squeeze in the mastering session somewhere in my busy schedule.... 😏

actual footage of my brain trying to figure out how to get 8 hours sleep with only 5 hours till morning


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