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Balanced. As all things should be.

Maybe Thanos made some good points. Balance is often more important in our lives than we give credit and in ways that we often never consider. I always thought that balance in life was more about finding the middle between work & play. Especially while "adulting". Over the last few years, I've come to have a deeper understanding that balance is part of almost everything in my life: my diet, exercise, sleep schedule, staying in touch with family, friendships, my multiple careers (hey, it's almost impossible to "just be a musician" in this day), my hobbies, finances and even my happiness.

I've been a single guy for quite a few years now and sometimes the thought about being in a relationship gives me a shudder when i think of the notion of trying to find a way to add that additional factor into the balance equations of my life. "How can I find time to balance a relationship when I can't achieve balance as a single?" It's a puzzler.

I've tried to find a better balance to my diet and exercise. In 2013 - I lost almost 90 lbs. It took a great deal of commitment and focus. Maintaining that weight-loss, however, has been a bit of a struggle. Affected by career, time commitments, proper diet or lack of such - it has been an uphill battle - especially of late. Shirts feel a little more snug. A slight groan emits when tying the shoes. The starter signs of 'uh oh..better get back in the gym'. But that elusive balance is thwarting me at every opportunity it can find.

I've been trying an exercise to strengthen my focus muscle. Everyday I am forcing myself to shut everything down but one task for an an entire hour. Whatever that task might be for the day changes. Maybe it's job related. Maybe it is simple household chores. Regardless of the delegated duty, I force myself to stick with that particular task for an entire hour and, guess's working. I am finding that each day it is easier to stay on track. So here's to trying to maintain that focus with all the distractions that this world offers and to find that desperately needed balance!

Although, at times I think it would be much easier to just find 6 magic stones and......


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