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What is all around us yet we have the hardest time finding it?

The answer? Time.


It's right there. It's with us all the time. It's entwined in our existence but yet sometimes we can't seem find it.

I am guilty of this a lot more often than I care to be. Of course, I am talking about the time needed to do the things we need, should, could or desire. Most often, I am guilty of failing the last two on that list. I am good at taking care of business. I complete the things that I need to do. Making the $$ for rent, food, etc. I do the things that I should - shower, exercise, eat, some basic sleep and the phone calls/skypes/texts to family to let them know that I am alive and well and to verify their existence and well-being, as well.

I know it's about priorities, but that doesn't always help. How do you have more than one #1 priority? Exactly. So I have been working on trying to adjust my schedule even more to get to the things that I could do or desire to do. Forcing myself to take days off. Yes, that usually means that I have to work more intently and productively at the "need/should" categories, but I am finding that it is worth it. I have been also working on my multi-tasking skills. For example, I am working on other things while I am on the treadmill. No, I haven't reached the point of multi-tasking where I am taking the laptop to the loo with me - not that the thought hasn't occurred to me ;)

I will let you know if it becomes a good idea to never handle my laptop, though.

and, on that note...I'm out!

~ JeM.


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