The New CD - features 13 tracks with very special guests inlcuding: Rudy Sarzo, Bruce Kulick, Bill Leverty, Jeff Neill, Brian Vollmer and Stacy Mitchhart. currently only ships to the United States, Canada and Mexico for all other areas - order CD's from the link 

The Devil Plays Guitar on CD

SKU: 888295926959
  • Due to digital copying, no opened copies of the CD can be accepted for return unless defective. Defects will be exchanged for a new copy at no additional charge to you and will be marked as exchanged so it will not be returnable as a new copy in the future. ALSO If you request a personalized/signed CD - it will arrive in opened condition and no returns will be accepted - only exchanges for defect. The CD has some mild profanity.  No returns will be accepted for content.  Sample songs on YouTube before purchase if you are concerned about content!!

  • Sorry we are not able to ship to APO addresses at this time. Please visit CDBaby for APO orders. (the link for CDBaby is on the music page)  Standard shipping rates apply. Handling charges also may apply for International Shipments, Domestic and foreign rates will vary by location. International Shipping Tracking Numbers Are Not Always Available. Limited Shipping Areas Available!!  Currently the store is only shipping to The United States, Canada & Mexco. IF your area is not on the list - you can purchase the CD for international shipping at

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